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When Lois, my 90 year old mother-in-law, began wandering, and was brought home by strangers three times in two days, we realized that with increasing dementia she could no longer safely stay alone in her home. She moved in with us temporarily but needed to live in a place with 24/7 care to ensure her safety.

I had already researched senior living options when my late father was diagnosed with dementia, and more recently when my mother fell and broke her hip.

My husband and I narrowed our search to Residential Care Homes where my mother-in-law could live in a home environment, yet have the help she needed in her daily life. I turned to BoomerHelp and looked for licensed homes in my area. After calling and visiting a few of the homes on the list, I found Harvy's Home Care in the Cottle-Santa Teresa area of San Jose.

The home is absolutely beautiful. My mother-in-law gets three full meals and various snacks a day while living in a home environment. She is close to us so we can visit regularly. We no longer have to worry about her taking her medicines or taking care of her personal health.

Thank you BoomerHelp for getting the information out to us "boomers"!

Jan and Ken Stahl
July 2013

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