How it works

The process of making both short and long term housing decisions for our loved ones is not easy, but at BoomerHelp we believe that the first step is knowing your options.

We provide FREE housing lists in various categories to help you narrow down your options. Our lists include all licensed care facilities as well as listings for active adult communities. Our lists are INCLUSIVE, our lists are NOT limited to providers who advertise or pay us commission. We do not recommend or vouch for the individual providers listed, but we hope that you will find our listings valuable as a STARTING point in your process.

The first step is always the hardest:

  • Read and understand the definitions of housing categories. Many people jump right to "assisted living", and while that may be the appropriate choice for many, there are various options to suit your needs. My mother was most comfortable at home; when she broke her hip and was no longer able to live alone, we looked at residential care and assisted living, but decided that for her, in-home care was the best choice. We were fortunate to have two fantastic caregivers alternate to provide 24/7 care. That was the right choice for my Mom - and for us. But every individual's circumstance is different, you need to choose the category that best suits your needs.. . . click for category descriptions >>

  • Use our site to search for providers in your chosen category near your city/state or zipcode. BoomerHelp currently has listings for the state of CA, and will be expanding to other states in 2014.

  • While we provide a list of facilities as a starting point, it is up to you to contact the facilities, talk to the owners/managers, visit the facilities and make the final decision based on your own research. YOU have to be comfortable with the provider you choose. Your decision will be based on location, cost, availability and ultimately, your gut feeling.

  • We want to help you get started in the right direction. That is the mission of BoomerHelp.

    Wishing you the best in this process,
    Joan Lowden, Founder (and fellow Boomer)

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